Saltwater-release mats for live seafood transportation - Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™ Ice-Mats

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Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™ Ice-Mats Absorbent pads which release saltwater during transportation of live seafood and maintain freshness

Dri-Fresh®  Sea-Fresh™

Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh Ice-Mats are soaked in saltwater and then frozen. Once frozen, they are laid over the crates containing live seafood - during transportation the mat will slowly release the water, helping maintain freshness.

Perfect for crustaceans, such as lobster and crab, the product remains chilled, and the saltwater’s staggered release means that the product remains in a premium condition.

Dri-Fresh®  Sea-Fresh™

  • Once frozen, the mat will slowly release the saltwater to keep live catches fresh
  • Enhances appearance
  • Optimises the sale price of live seafood
  • Custom sizes available
  • Range of absorbencies offered