Paper-based absorbent pads for seafood

Earthpad Resource absorbent pads for fish/seafood are a cellulose absorbent layer, bonded to a paper-based top or bottom layer with a bio coating. Earthpad Resource absorbent pads are compostable and can also be recycled through the paper stream.

Earthpad Resource is available in any size, shape or configuration, including slit rolls. Currently available in white, with a range of colours available soon. Absorbency grades are available of 800cc/M2, up to 10,000cc/M2.

Earthpad Resource is available in single or double sided and is unique in its construction, made without the use of glues.

  • Compostable absorbent pad
  • 100% plastic free
  • Can be recycled through the paper stream
  • Available in any size, shape or configuration including slit rolls
  • Single or double-sided
  • No adhesives used in the construction of this pad