RePEat pouches are made from pure PE (polyethylene) and so can be recycled anywhere with an LDPE recycling stream.

This product can be supplied with a PE zip-lock for re-sealing purposes, meaning the whole product is recyclable.

Mono & laminate structures are available, offering a range of different barriers, whilst still being recyclable.

RePEat pouches are suitable for a range of ambient and frozen foods, including liquids.

For a plastic-free/recyclable paper-based pouch, see our Earthpouch.

We can also supply a high-speed low-cost pouch filling machine - the M7 - for anyone looking for the complete ‘food packaging pouch package’.

  • Recyclable PE pouches & film
  • Lightweight, attractive format
  • Resealable options
  • Mono & laminate structures
  • Suitable for ambient & frozen products, including liquids