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Sira-Cook™ Sirane’s ovenable/microwaveable nylon bags and films


The Sira-Cook™ Siralon absorbent bag/film range is a unique nylon-based packaging solution for seafood/fish (and also meat/poultry) which allows food to be packed, shipped, retailed and cooked in the same package.

Siralon bags/films allow the food to be cooked in an oven/microwave/sous-vide or even in a fish kettle, cooking it in its own juices for added succulency. The food can be cooked without the need for a baking tray, everything remains clean and there is no washing-up.

Siralon 10 offers flow-wrap films or bags for microwave/low temperature cooking such as steaming packs, sous-vide and boil-in-the-bag. Temperature resistant up to 180 degrees celsius.

Siralon 12 bags are perfect for roasting joints of meat, poultry, whole fish etc and are perfect for retailers looking to pack, ship, sell and cook the product in one package. The bags/films could also be used in fish kettles.

Siralon 21 offers a flow-wrap material/bags for whole joints of meat, poultry or whole fish. The easy-to-seal nylon material is strong, offers good clarity, offers a good barrier and can be vacuum packed. Temperature resistant up to 210 degrees celsius. The material is perfect for running down all flow-wrap machines. The material could also be used in fish kettles.

  • Strong with robust seals
  • Material offers excellent clarity
  • Good gas barrier and suitable for vacuum packging
  • Pack, ship, sell and cook the product in one package
  • No need to handle the food until it is ready to serve
  • Unique materials absorb any hot fat released during cooking to ensure crisp, clean and safe-to-handle food
  • No oven cleaning or washing up for the consumer
  • Considerable cost savings on packaging and handling