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Our Thinking-Cooking retail range

Our Thinking-Cooking retail range

Our Thinking-Cooking range includes items such as steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave, BBQ/oven bags and nylon roasting bags. It allows you to offer your customers easy and straighforward ways to cook their seafood with the minimum of fuss and the maximum taste.

The range is offered in handy retail packs.

Simply place packs on your fish counter, and give your customers the option to purchase a solution which will allow them to cook your seafood easily, with maximum flavour. Shelf-ready packaging that sits on the counter can be provided.

Steam-cooking bags are a perfect addition to any seafood counter, offering a flexible cooking solution which is simple to use. Our Oven/BBQ Bags are non-stick, perfect for seafood, while our nylon roasting bags are a great way of cooking whole fish such as salmon, trout etc.

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BBQ/Oven bags are part of the Thinking-Cooking range

  • Range of products offered including steam-cooking, oven & BBQ
  • Perfect cooking solutions for seafood
  • Addition to your range that your customers will appreciate