IF you're looking for a way to increase fresh seafood sales, then a fresh fish 'grab n go' meal could be exactly what you're looking for.... 

Steam-cooking in the oven or microwave is a very easy way of cooking a very tasty piece of fish, and our self-seal steam-cooking bags allow retailers to add sauces, glazes, butters and spices - and even vegetables - to the bag, in order to create a 'grab n go' ready meal. This will increase both sales of fish and profits - as the fish is presented in an easy-to-cook format and can be sold at a much higher price. 

In the US/Canada, our steam-cooking bags are sold by a distributor there as part of its Ready. Chef. Go concept. 

"Ready. Chef. Go!™ is all about fresh, packaged take-home meals that you cook yourself, just without all of the headaches and hassles of cooking. The program is focused around a revolutionary cooking bag that’s used by grocers around the world to package fresh seafood, meat, and produce, seasoned or marinated just the way you like. All of the fresh ingredients in your meal are already packaged raw and ready to cook right in the bag."

The Ready. Chef. Go programme (see video, below) allows retailers to purchase not only the bag, but also all of the necessarily additional ingredients to turn the fish into a meal, including a range of sauces, glazes and butters created by a top chef. Retailers can then put out a selection of freshly prepared ready meals, or allow customers to choose their fish and accompanying butters over the counter.

Grab 'n' Go - and the Ready. Chef. Go programme - can be used with both steam-cooking bags for oven and microwave and with oven/BBQ bags.