Our cooking bag solutions

Our seafood/fish packaging solutions include a range of bags perfect for a variety of needs.

Whether you're looking for a self-seal over-the-counter bag for steam cooking fish in the oven or microwave, a bag for cooking seafood with sauce on a barbecue or a roasting bag for oven roasting a whole salmon or trout, Thinking-Seafood has the answer.

Take a look at the products here - or click on either of our easy-to-use digital catalogues, Bags of Ideas (cooking bags) or our full seafood packaging range.

Sira-Cook Self-Seal - counter bag for steam cooking. OVEN/MICROWAVE
The Si-Bag - counter bag for steam cooking. OVEN/MICROWAVE
Sira-Cook Smart-Release - dual compartment venting bag. MICROWAVE
Sira-Cook roasting bags - for roasting whole fish. OVEN
Sira-Cook Supreme - for fish & sauce. OVEN/BBQ
Sira-Cook Supreme Flavour-it - flavoured cooking bags. OVEN/BBQ
Sira-Vent steam cooking bags with special vent. OVEN/MICROWAVE
Sira-Cook stand-up steam-cooking bags. OVEN/MICROWAVE
Individually-packed cooking bags. OVEN/MICROWAVE/BBQ