PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Ovenable absorbent pads for fish/seafood

AN oven-ready absorbent pad offers a very versatile packaging solution for fish/seafood.

Sirane’s Dri-Fresh Supreme pads are absorbent and ovenable – meaning they offer absorbency not only in the packaging, but for the consumer during cooking.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “From the moment they are packed the pads will absorb any excess liquid – and then during cooking these absorbent pads will absorb fat and juices  released during cooking, resulting in cleaner, crispier and healthier food.”

Dri-Fresh Supreme pads are even suitable for use in high-temperature packaging operations often used for packaging seafood– skin packaging/MAP and thermoformed packaging – as they combine the necessary temperature resistance for the process with the absorbency required for the product.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies added: “Supreme pads can be used in an oven at up to 200 degrees celsius and are a very effective and very popular ovenable packaging solution for fish.”

Dri-Fresh Supreme pads can be made in custom sizes to suit the different trays used by manufacturers, and can be made in a range of colours including black, white and silver.

A range of absorbency levels is offered and we can also integrate odour absorbency. Dri-Fresh Supreme pads can also be combined with products such as our Sira-Cook Supreme oven/BBQ cooking bag for an all-in-one retail cooking bag with integrated absorbency.

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